The Different Types of Guitars

Sometimes, it can be hard to find the right guitar for your needs. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on all of the different types of guitars that are out there. You’ll learn about the three main types as well as a few other variations that exist outside of those groups. Plus, you’ll get a sense of what each type is best suited for and why. There are a number of different types of guitars, each with its own unique style and sound. The three most popular types are acoustic guitars, electric guitars and bass guitars. However, there is some debate about whether or not these guitars can be classified together as one category, or if they should be grouped into completely different categories.

There are six types of acoustic guitars: classical, steel-string acoustic, electro-acoustic, resonator, jazz guitar, and flamenco. There are also four types of electric guitars: solid body, hollow body, semi-hollow body, and resonator.

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Different types of guitars

1 – Acoustic Guitars

This is the kind of guitar the vast majority are familiar with. Acoustic guitars have empty bodies which enhance the strings acoustically. They are typically made of wood, have six strings and look something like this:

Types of guitar acoustic body shapes and sizes

There are various distinctive body states of acoustic guitars. Some acoustics are balanced (like the one in the image above) and others have a ‘remove’, which implies that a touch of the body of the guitar has been removed to permit us simple admittance to the higher frets.

‘Dreadnoughts’ and ‘Jumbos’ have bigger bodies that emit a major roaring solid, while ‘Parlor’ and ‘Amphitheater’ guitars have a calmer and more understandable tone.

For each type, there’s a scope of sizes from ‘half size’ to ‘three-quarter size’ to ‘standard size’. Contingent upon the size of the guitarist’s body.

Acoustic string types

Steel strings (ideal for folk, rock, blues & country)

Nylon strings (classical and flamenco guitar)

Mainly two types are categorized based on string (6–string & 12-string)

Most acoustic guitars have six strings, there are some that have 12 strings. Twelve-string guitars are tuned as old as string guitars, aside from each string is multiplied, creating a rich harp-like sound.

While acoustic guitars are mostly made of wood, a few, for example, the renowned National Guitar is made of metal. The larger part of the time acoustic guitars are tuned to similar notes and played similarly, yet the different kinds of a guitar can deliver altogether different tones.

Should you purchase an acoustic guitar?

Acoustic guitars are great for novice guitarists and vocalist lyricists who need something to play and additionally fingerpick their tunes on. They’re not really great for players hoping to break out enormous, shouting, mutilation weighty performances. For that, see electric guitars.

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2 – Electro-acoustic Guitars

Electro-acoustic guitars are acoustic guitars that have a ‘get’ (essentially, a mouthpiece) incorporated into them so they can be connected to an enhancer or a PA system. This is a method of ‘associating’ an acoustic guitar up to an amp to make it louder.

Should I purchase an electro-acoustic?

Electros are great assuming you need to play live shows. With an electro, you don’t have to faff around putting mics before your guitar.

3 – Semi-acoustic Guitars

Semi-acoustic guitars (in some cases additionally called ’empty bodied electric guitars’) involve something of a center ground between acoustic guitars and electric guitars. They’re slim and reduced like electric guitars, however have empty bodies like acoustic guitars. Because they’re dainty and minimal, they won’t create very as noisy a sound when turned off as an acoustic will, thus the term: Semi-acoustic

Some remarkable models of semi-acoustic are the Gibson ES-335 and the Fender Telecaster Thinline (fundamentally a semi-acoustic telecaster).

Should I purchase a semi-acoustic guitar? 

Semi-acoustic guitars are great for players who need adaptability. Something they can get an acoustic-esque tone with, yet in addition play through a wrenched up enhancer should they wish. They’re not really great for individuals who need either. (i.e., a completely acoustic sound or a completely electric sound.)

4 – Electric Guitars

In contrast to the past guitars, these guitars have strong bodies and thusly, produce very little in the method of sound except if they’re connected to an amplifier.

If you need to play electric guitar you will require an amp. Electric guitars arrive in an assortment of shapes and sizes. Probably the most notorious are the Gibson Les Paul, the Fender Stratocaster and the Fender Telecaster.

Like the acoustic guitar, electric guitars are normally made of wood and as a rule, have six strings, however, there are twelve-string forms available.

Should I purchase an electric guitar? 

Electric guitars are great for players who look for an incredible, supporting sound or who need a lot more noteworthy decision of sounds. With an electric guitar, the universe of impact pedals is available to you and the sounds you can make are nearly limitless. Distortion, wah-wah, melody, delay. There is a huge number of ways you can utilize impacts with an electric guitar. Electrics are not as useful for more conventional sorts of music as people.

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5 – Bass Guitars

Some time ago, being the bass player in a band implied hauling an enormous twofold bass as found in symphonies and jazz groups to and from practice.

Thankfully, the great people at Fender, in the end, came out with a guitar adaptation of the bass that, in addition to other things was much more convenient than its predecessor. Unlike normal guitars, basses typically just have four strings, and they’re huge, thick strings that produce a major, thick sound. Bass sounds profound and low. Earth-shaking!

The most conspicuous bass is presumably the Fender Precision, but at the same time there’s the Hofner Violin bass is preferred by Sir Paul McCartney and the Rickenbacker 4001 as played by Bruce Foxton from Jam. Bass guitars are normally strong-bodied and electric, yet there are acoustic and semi-acoustic basses available. Some basses additionally have five or even six strings to permit a more extensive range.

Should I purchase a bass guitar?

Bass is one of the ideal sorts of guitar for individuals who like working with the drummer to shape the cadence segment and hold down the incredible low-end groove in a band. Bass guitars are not really great for individuals who need to play enormous shouting performances or for individuals who extravagant themselves as solo specialists. Bass is a low-end, backup instrument.

6 – Cousins Of The Guitar

Fun truth: The guitar is a relative of the lute. There are various different instruments that have sprung from the lute family too. Think about these as ‘far-off cousins’ of the guitar. These aren’t actually kinds of guitar, however comparative stringed instruments.

The Mandolin

Mandolins are somewhat similar to played violins, in that they are tuned the same way, but with twofold the number of stings, yet they are played like guitars rather than played with a bow. They have an extremely brilliant, trebly solid and are famous in styles of music like folk.

The Banjo

Banjos have five strings that are typically tuned to an open G harmony. Rather than having a soundhole like a guitar, a banjo has a drum for a body. Banjos are for the most part high pitch and no bass, giving them a very twangy unbalanced sound. They’re exceptionally well known in styles of music like people, twang and country.

The Ukulele

Ukuleles are little Hawaiian instruments with four strings that look a great deal like smaller than expected guitars. Like the mandolin and the banjo, a uke delivers a trebly, fragile, ‘twinkly’ sound. They’re great for individuals who need to play as well as compose tunes, however, observe guitars to be somewhat enormous for them. Ukes are famous for customary Hawaiian music. There’s additionally been something of a frenzy of ukuleles at an open mic. evenings and on Youtube throughout the most recent couple of years!

7 – Weird Guitars

Seven-string guitar

It very well may be probably the coolest sort of guitar of all! Seven-string guitars have an additional low string, ordinarily tuned to a B. They were spearheaded by speed metal guitarist Steve Vai and have become very famous with metal guitarists searching for that ultra-low, substantial sound!

Two-fold necked guitar

Being played by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. This specific model has one 12-string neck and one six-string neck, however, you likewise here and there see twofold necked guitars that are bass and a six-string. (Which makes them one of the most flexible kinds of the guitar of all.)

Two necks

The fellow playing it is considered Michael Angelo from the band Nitro. He’s renowned for playing the two necks without a moment’s delay by utilizing a ton of gain on the amp and playing all together with slurred notes so he doesn’t need to pick.


Also known as harp guitar, being brandished by acoustic guitar symbol Andy McKee.Those harp strings produce a profound, resounding bass-filled sound.


There’s a ton of discussion among the bass playing local area concerning how these things are really expected to be tuned. These things are likewise enormous and weighty with fretboards like racks, so one to stay away from assuming you’re little as well as a fledgling!


There are many different types of guitars. They range from concert to jazz to classical guitars. Each one is made with a different sound and has its own purpose. In conclusion, there is no one type of guitar that is the best.

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